What is UTK Quantum Wave Heating Pad?

In this blog post, we will give a detailed introduction about UTK quantum wave heating pad. UTK quantum wave heating pad combined with hot stone therapy, far infrared therapy, negative ion therapy and quantum wave technology, which will give you a tremendous wellness experience like never before.

You may know well about far infrared and negative ion. But what is quantum wave technology?

This new science of Quantum Healing has been making quiet waves since the 1980s when the term was first coined by Deepak Chopra, an ayurvedic doctor who’s performed what the traditional medical establishment would describe as miracles. Quantum Healing is something of a catch-all name for spiritual healing. And It’s become a commonly used term for modalities that can loosely be defined as energy work. You just need to believe you can heal. It requires belief -not religion.

The most basic form of quantum healing doesn’t require any ceremony. It is simply prayer – your intent. Gregg Braden often says, “prayer is the feeling.” And although it’s a slightly clunkier term, the healing is in the feeling. Match your intention with your feeling. That’s is what you want to project.Quantum healing is rooted in your belief to affect your health by creating new possibilities. It’s a co-creative process that relies on a force we still can’t quantify.

UTK Large size Quantum Wave Heating Pad is made with 60 pcs Passive Magnet Stones, 86 pcs Tourmaline Stones and 283 pcs Natural Jade Stones.

Passive magnet stone have a certain effect on the blood circulation and anti- fatigue of the human body and can effectively improve multiple systems of the human body; tourmaline and jade stones will emit far infrared rays and negative ions, which will penetrate deep into body tissue and have great effect on pain relief.

Different from other heating pad, UTK quantum wave heating mat built- in carbon fiber can emit far infrared rays as well.

Quantum wave improve several systems of the human body:

1)Nervous system, accelerate nerve vibration, thereby alleviating dizziness and headaches caused by neurological dise.

2)Respiratory system, Improve respiratory disease and protect human health

3) Digestive system ,by adjusting the resonance frequency of these parts, improve stomach diseases.

4) Urinary system, regulate urinary system disorders, Improve excretion capacity, and remove heavy metals from the body

5) Exercise system, improve the central nervous systems’ regulatory function of muscle tissues send organs improve physical coordination

6) Reproductive system, activate  kidney function activate atrophic sex organs and restore male function

More details about UTK large size quantum wave heating pad, Pls check this link: www.utktechnology.com

That is UTK quantum wave heating pad, if you have arthritis, back pain, spasm, stiffness etc problems. Pls have a try UTK quantum wave heating pads.

Experience a new therapy that you never have before.