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UTK 24”x 70” Far Infrared Heating Pad for Full Body 429 Individual Nature Jade Stones Heat Pad for Pain (Size: Large)

$ 599.00
8 customer reviews

UPC: 710228590848

Size for FULL BODY. 70 inch in length, and 24 inch in width, with 429 individual natural jade stones fixed, cover from occiput to heel.
MORE EFFECTIVE & SAFE & LONGER LASTING & DEPPER PENETRATING THERAPEUTIC HEAT than conventional heating pads: features natural jade, far infrared heat, negative ions.
Jade heating pad focus more on FIR benefits , Jade is heated to emit FIR (far infrared) rays that penetrate the body at a depth of 5.5 6 inches, moreover, the jade stone has a better penetrability of heating and keep heating for a longer period. Emit negative ions and far-infrared heat therapy, Low EMF (Lower than the EMF of your cellphone, refrigerator, other home appliances would emit, absolutely secure for use.)
Smart Controller: CE certification smart controller has a Memory Function, convenient for people to set last-time temp level, suit for all age rang persons. we have 6 Temp settings and Auto-shut. Suitable for 220-240V. FDA Certification. UTK Far Infrared Natural Jade Heating Pad is FDA registered as Medical Device Class II, and UTK TECHNOLOGY passed FDA Audit for GMP quality system.
3 YEAR WARRANTY: UTK is always providing the best service. Any performance failure occurs within 3 years caused by non-human damage, you can get our after-service for free. Box mail: Support@UTKTechnology.com


UTK Far Infrared Natural Jade and tourmaline Heating Pad is perfectly soft flexible wrap around a body part to relieve muscle tension where people experience it —back & lower back & shoulders & waist & hip & legs & arms & knee & feet. Use for just 30 minutes daily to increase blood flow and reduce pain and muscle tension.


*Versatile Size 24″X70″: perfect for treating sore muscles in your back, shoulders, abdomen, legs, arms, and more.

*Precise Heat Settings: Smart digital controller adjusts heat (103°F-159°F by 1°F increments) to your comfort level.

*Precise TIME Settings: Smart digital controller adjusts time settings from 0-240 minutes by 15 minutes increments.

*Memory Function: The “MEM” button remembers your favourite heat and time settings.

*4-Hour Auto Shut-Off: Conserves energy and prevents burns caused by excessive heating.

*10-Foot Extra-Long Cord: Makes it easier to use from the comfort of your bed or favorite chair

*Premium Travel Bag: Keeps the heating pad protected in between uses.


Pad Size: 24”X70”

Weight: 13 lb (6kg)

Power: 240Volts, 60Hz, 200 Watts

Pad Material: Soft PU leather (both sides), non-toxic PP cotton, 429 Individual Natural Jade Stones

Auto Shut-Off Time: 240 minutes


Warm-temperature range (103°F~109°F) / (39.4°C~42.7°C )

Low-temperature range (39°C~43°C) / (43.3°C~48.3°C )

Medium-temperature range (43°C~49°C)  / (43.3°C~48.3°C )

Medium High-temperature range (50°C ~59°C) / (54.4°C ~59.4°C )

High-temperature range (60°C~65°C)/ (60°C~65°C )

Very High-temperature range (65°C~70°C) / (65.5°C ~70.5°C )

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CustomerReviews (8)

8 reviews for UTK 24”x 70” Far Infrared Heating Pad for Full Body 429 Individual Nature Jade Stones Heat Pad for Pain (Size: Large)

  1. Lenovo

    Received the ordered Mat earlier than expected. Decent Packaging with instruction manual.
    Followed the Instructions :
    the temperature setting max range is 159 F . It takes about 25 -30 minutes for the mat to heat up from 75 F to 150 F with the mat in rolled up condition. With set temperature at 150 F reached , when the mat is unrolled flat and when a person lies down on the mat, we found comfortable heat as the temperature lowers to around 133 F to 135 F in a time duration of about 5 -10 minutes. Then the temperature remains stable in this range. Auto Timer functions as expected.

  2. Kevin Pollock

    Super nice quality jade heat mat.

  3. S.L.

    This is perhaps the best item I’ve ever purchased- it’s at least in the top 10. I heard of these mats on a fibromyalgia board, and started researching. I seriously thought about a few others on Amazon, but then kept hitting issues like no warranty or concerns like hard to adjust temperatures, etc. Then someone mentioned how much better the UTK mat was, and I found is “page”. I’ve now had it for a couple weeks, and it’s helped my pain, tremendously. It’s easy to use- I set it up in my recliner, the controls couldn’t be easier. I have peace of mind with the warranty, but it truly is extremely well made, in every way. It takes my pain down one or two on the pain scale, and that’s exactly what I bought it for. It’s just wide enough, and is perfect in length, going from my shoulders to my ankles. I cannot express how much I love this- it’s worth the investment!

  4. Craig

    I own seven different jade mats. The quality is not always the same.
    The big differences with the UTK mat:
    1) The controller is better, larger and has simple digital readings which are accurate.Temp Controls are not always perfect on other mats.

    2) The backing material is a more expensive solid vinyl, rather than poly fabric. I actually prefer the thinner poly fabric…it is slicker and produces less smell..

    3) UTK has been selling longer and more consistently the same product line. Other mats are not consistent in packaging and performance. Even when ordered from the same company, the quality varies, particularly the temp control or controller.

    Mine has a simple digital controller and the temp is accurate.No other mat measures the temp so easily, so accurately.
    The temp feels perfect at 103°F, but can easily get up to 122 when other mats are placed together.

    After warming, IF THE MAT DOES NOT FEEL HOT WHEN YOU LAY DOWN ON IT there is something wrong.

    So..If you but a Jade Mat, plug it in and set it on HIGH to make sure it gets hot. Any plastic smell will flash away quickly.
    The mat should get too hot to be comfortable for long periods. Some mats may actually cause tiny burns if bare skin gets too close to the stones.

    People worrying about fire risk…the plastic would start to smell really bad if there was a problem.

    Generally, the complaint I hear is that the mat is not hot enough.You need to be up against the mat to get the heating.
    Also, some areas of the mat may be hotter than others.

    You can either fold the mat over onto itself, stones facing, or place two mats atop one another. stones facing while warming them and all the rocks will share heat and get very warm.

    This does present a greater risk of overheating. If you want less chance of EMF exposure,
    get the mats warm before you lay on them.

    Some buyers will leave the mat exposed to cold air and say it is not working or heating. The stones are only going to feel really hot when they are covered or touching your body. It is not a room heater.

    Obviously, if I own so many mats, I must find some use for them. Some of things I am treating are, involuntary cramping, slow recovery from exercise, poor blood flow in the legs, tight muscles, pain. Generally I only use these mats in the winter,
    but they make it very easy to warm up on cold mornings and break a sweat without moving.

    I was originally using an expensive FIR sauna from Korea with jade rollers, which would have cost me $10,000 to purchase.

    I figured out that I could achieve better results laying on a large mat and placing two other mats on top of me,
    rotating the top mats to the arm or leg that was needing more heat. I use this technique in the winter and can
    break a better sweat than in a FIR sauna. the heat from the jade mat is very penetrating and stimulating to
    blood flow and healing.

    This is similar to exercising without the increased cardio pulmonary, and risk of injury. Great if you can’t exercise or to warm up to start exercising.

    This mat works better than the hot tub, which easily opens pours and gets me sweating, but there is something
    about the penetration of the heat from jade that is different, deeper, unique.

    I compare to my childhood experience of coming out of the pool, shivering cold, and laying on the bricks which had
    warmed in the sun. Anyone who has done this knows how deep the warmth penetrates. It feels good to your cold joints.

    The first mats I owned were the US company Therasage, Controllers broke often and the cords wore out easily. They had cornered the market, but were plagued by high cost and issues with breaking cords.

    Then the Chinese mats starting finding their way directly .The mats directly from China have always been better mats for the money.

    BIG STONES actually cheap, not better. The more small stones the mat has, the more it costs.
    Cheaper mats use larger pieces of jade to reduce cost, but large stones will not conform to the skin and get close to your body. You should get the stones right next to the skin while wearing thin clothes.

    After two Therasage Mtas,I bought two 24 by 36 Kendal. The First I ordered was excellent so I ordered a second and the controller was poor and the mat does not heat well. Watch for sellers that come and go.

    Then I found this Full Body UTK unit, reasonably priced, and it has worked well. I still need the other mat on top to get the set up to 120°F sauna effect, which is hot enough to cause burns. Silk long underwear will help prevent burns and still allow the mats to get close to the skin.

    Looks like the controller has changed, but I think UTK watches the quality. The Jade pieces on this mat could be smaller and more smooth. Also the price is at the limit of high.

  5. Barbara

    This helped me get on the other side of a virus. I put it over me and I stay toasty warm without damaging my memory foam mattress. Also, I use it without power on nights that are not as cold and I feel it still keeps me warmer and helps my circulation.

  6. tammie heazlit

    I couldnt afford the Amethist heating pad/biomatt but wanted a heating pad for my massage table that wouldnt expose my clients to EMFs. Ive really gotten into detox into the past year and this contributes to that.

    On top of the fact that my clients are loving this, its an extremely well made piece of equipment. The leather is quality and the construction is solid. You are getting your moneys worth!

    The heat penetrates deeply without overwhelming or “hurting”the skin from being too hot. The controls are nice and easy to read in a darkened room. I would definitely purchase this again!

  7. lydia bassetti

    Use this regularly and I love it.

  8. A

    I had an old-faithful Therasage infrared mat for over 10 years. If you do the research on far infrared, you will see the health benefits of this type of therapy. I had to repair the wiring in my old mat several times until it could no longer be repaired. I didn’t want to spend several hundred dollars for a new mat and bought this mat based on good reviews.

    I have to say that it completely fulfills my expectations. It looks virtually identical to the old mat and has even nicer controls. I works well and heats evenly across its surface. It folds up easily for storage and includes a carrying case.

    Well worth the money at a much lower price.

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