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UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad for Back Pain, 126 Natural Jade Stone Heat Pad – Medium [21″x31″],6 Level Temp Settings, Auto-shut and Memory Function

$ 165.00
35 customer reviews

UPC: 710228591661

Bullet point:
【Larger Heating Area】: Comparing with a traditional electric heat pad, ours adopt 126 pcs natural stones as material, The negative ions released can penetrate deeper into the skin, longer last infrared heating, have a better heating effect, and have larger heat area.

【Natural Jade Heating Therapy for Pain】: Built-in Carbon fiber emits far-infrared rays, effective ease muscle aches. UTK is specialized in infrared therapy industry, both manufacturing, and researching and we had mastered mature technical in shielding electromagnetic radiation, and successfully manage to reduce EMF into the minimum level which is lower than what of your cellphone, refrigerator, other home appliance would do.

【Smart Controller】: CE certification smart controller has a Memory Function, convenient for people to set last-time temp level, suit for all age rang persons. we have 6 Temp settings and Auto-shut. Suitable for 220-240V

【 FDA CERTIFICATION】: UTK Far Infrared Natural Jade Heating Pad is FDA registered as Medical Device Class II, and UTK TECHNOLOGY passed FDA Audit for GMP quality system, so feel relieved to use the heating pad.

【3 YEAR WARRANTY】: UTK is always providing the best service. Any performance failure occurs within 3 years caused by non-human damage, you can get our after-service for free. Box mail: Support@UTKTechnology.com



Precise Heat Settings: LED controller adjusts heat settings (39.4°C-70.5°C) based on your comfort level

Precise TIME Settings: LED controller adjusts time settings from 0-240 minutes by 15 minutes increments.

4-Hour Auto Shut-Off: Conserves energy and prevents burns caused by excessive heating

8.5-Foot Extra-Long Cord: Makes it easier to use from the comfort of your bed or favorite chair

Premium Travel Bag: Keeps the heating pad protected in between uses.

8.5-Foot Extra-Long Cord: Makes it easier to use from the comfort of your bed or favorite chair



Pad Size: 21″ x 31″, perfect for sore muscles in your back, shoulders, abdomen, legs, arms, and more.

Weight: 4.8lb (2.2kg)

Power: 220-240 Volts, 50Hz/60Hz, 100 Watts

FIR: 4-14um<br>Pad Material: Soft PU leather (both sides), non-toxic PP cotton, 126 Individual Natural Jade Stones



Warm-temperature range (39.4°C~42.7°C )
Low-temperature range (43.3°C~48.3°C )

Medium-temperature range (48.8°C ~52.2°C )

Medium High-temperature range (54.4°C ~59.4°C )

High-temperature range (60°C~65°C )

Very High-temperature range (65.5°C ~70.5°C )

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CustomerReviews (35)

35 reviews for UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad for Back Pain, 126 Natural Jade Stone Heat Pad – Medium [21″x31″],6 Level Temp Settings, Auto-shut and Memory Function

  1. ES

    It does not look nice, but it does a good job on your back.
    I will not recommend it if you need to use it on your shoulders.

  2. ES

    This is unlike any other heating mat I have ever used. And it really eases my back discomfort. Unlike a regular heating pad, you don’t wind up having to carefully monitor the extremes of temperature variations.

  3. Dave

    Just as good as expected. We have had it a month and so far so great.

  4. Sharon

    I ordeed this Medium Jade Infrared pad in June. The companys’s reviews showed excellent customer service. I was suffering from terrible muscle pains in my right hip, inner thigh, and ankle. I ordered the pad and used it daily starting moderstely high and lowering to warm. I slept with it low and in a week I was pain free. The heat penetrates and is healing. I have arthritis, an ankle that swells and took a fall recently landing on my hands and had stiff shoulders and neck. Each of these ailments benefited and resolve with the pad.
    You may experience some nausea or dizziness at first so do not go very high. The infared works no matter if it is high or low. Take some time to find your comfort zone.

  5. Carla Mirsberger

    Buy this jade heating mat ASAP! It is in a completely different class from ordinary heating pads, and although the company cannot say so, you should know why it is worth every penny and then some.
    I had a medical quality moist heating pad for 20 years, and the wiring finally shorted out. I read the reviews for this product, and was skeptical about some of the claims, found it expensive, but took a chance and ordered the medium mat anyway figuring I could always return it. I have chronic muscle and joint pain, and have tried everything. Here’s what happened with me:
    I have had a ton of deep tissue massage done with marginal success in relieving the pain and tension in my body. I needed something to relieve the unconsciously held “body armor” caused by unconsciously clenching the muscles from constant pain and “life shocks” caused by abuse, childhood and adult trauma, stress, and anxiety. OK. I know you are thinking I am nuts, and I will admit that I am from California, but I am serious. I spent thousands of dollars on deep tissue massage to alleviate the dibilating pain from the above. It helped, and I experienced some relief, but the cost was interfering with my ability to pay the rent, so I had to give it up. Plus, it hurts! This does not hurt and it is helping me release the deeper tensions gently and easily!
    When I read the reviews there was one that said using the mat brought up emotions and feelings that upset her. I thought, “Yeah. Sure, Lady!” And I just figured she nuts. When I started using the mat, it started happening to me, too! I remember this process from Rolfing, Rikie, and Aston massage (deep tissue massage aimed at removing unconscious body armor) As the tension is released at a really deep level, the memories that caused the muscular clenching often surface into the conscious mind. If you find this upsetting or too damn weird, move the mat to another part of your body, or take a break from these sessions until you feel ready to move on.
    Ordinary heating pads only work at a surface level and can help the surface pain, but this can release much deeper pain in your mind and body. I can hear you thinking “Yeah. Sure, Lady.” but it is totally true. If this seems like a lot of money, please remember that one massage can cost up to $200.00 per hour. At that rate, your mat will quickly pay for itself!
    My doctor told me to use it in 30 minute intervals and alternate warm and cool, because the warm makes the blood pool to the heated area, and the cool pulls that pooled blood away, taking the toxins with it. OK…
    Most Sincerely, “Improving Rapidly In Sonoma (Yes, California!!!!)
    The company cannot make these claims, and just as well, but someone has to say it, and it might as well be me, because I know exactly what is going on, and I know how to explain what is happening in a way everyone can understand.
    Still reticent? Do what I did and order it, with the understanding that you can return it if you do not find it 100% to your satisfaction.

  6. Alan E Kral

    So Far So Good, Had Therassage before

  7. Judi

    Absolutely great product! Have had it for several months now and I use it weekly. When to controller display reads 140 degrees Fahrenheit trust me, that’s pretty accurate! Love the memory functionality. After being on your feet most of the day there’s nothing better than laying on this – and the size just about covers your entire back instead of just a small section like standard heating pads.

  8. Rachael Hodgson

    I have some pretty severe (lower) back pain and this heating pad has been a real game-changer. It might not get scorchingly hot but this heat is different. I could tell that it penetrated the first time that I used it. If you aren’t familiar with infrared heat, just do an internet search–its benefits are pretty incredible for healing the tissues (not just masking or “temporary relief” from the pain). This pad is pretty incredible and very reasonably priced in this category. Highly recommend.

  9. Elizabeth Hearnsberger

    This pad is amazing! My daughter has a very bad back problem that has been dipilitating. This pad has her walking again! The warmth goes into your bones. And you feel it for hours after. Unlike a regular heating pad which you get no benefit once it shuts off. When one of us is not sitting on it, the dogs fight for it. Awesome, gonna buy another so we don’t have to share. Worth every penny!

  10. peter

    There has never been a heating pad like this before. This is beyond pro-grade, it is serious-grade heavy duty relief. Digital control of your heat lets you dial in your exact ahh temp.

  11. CJ

    Have fractured vertebrae from a car accident and this heating pad has helped tremendously! It’s expensive bit totally worth the price tag.

  12. peter

    Beats by far any heating pad I ever used.

  13. rebarobo

    I think I’ve gone through 6 drugstore heating pads in the last 3 years since my spinal condition began. I can’t lie on my stomach like those happy people on the package do, and they mean it when they say that you can’t lay on them. Lessons learned.

    So I went for this fancy one this time after reading the reviews. Wow – what a difference this has made on my chronic pain in 2 days.

    The first thing I notice is I feel a full-body heat. It’s like my body heats up, not just my back. I wasn’t even sure the pad was on but I was roasting. When I felt the surface of the pad with my hand it was very hot but it wasn’t uncomfortable on my back like the normal pads.

    The next thing is I stood up after using it and didn’t let out my standard “ouuuuuch!” that my family has had to endure for so long. It shocked all of us that I just stood right up.

    I think this thing might be working (fingers crossed). It’s worth every penny so far

  14. Calamity

    This is the best heat pad I’ve ever used and I highly recommend it. It has given me excellent relief from back and hip pain, significantly more than from any drugstore heating pad. Also, the pain relief lasts for hours after use which I never experienced with traditional heating pads.

  15. Horse Mom

    I use it everyday! Excellent for my back after a car accident.

  16. AP

    I am very happy with this so far. It is larger than what I had before but it heats consistently and has a memory setting. I can sleep on it on my back however it doesn’t fall over my stomach so well. As long as it lasts I will be happy.

  17. Murphy

    First, it’s huge! In comparison to a normal heating pad. It’s also very heavy, which can be somewhat comforting actually. Given the jade discs, its not incredibly comfortable to lay my whole body weight on, but I’ve been very pleased with it.

  18. SA

    This is an excellent product – perhaps the best on the market, for use at home or away. It is well made and durable– commercial quality. I train very hard and use it frequently — almost every day, to promote soothing and therapeutic muscle and back relief. It is not an ordinary heating pad, it is infra-red heat. But, unlike an infra-red heat lamp, it is safe providing that you carefully follow the directions (it tells you who should not use it) in the manual. I use it on my back and also wrap it around each thigh (it would be nice to have them design a pad specifically for the thigh and leg). I had questions about using the pad and I received quick replies – the same day. The pad should never be used on bare skin (the manual cautions against this). It works effectively through clothes, such as a sweat suit and the heat can easily be adjusted. I give it five stars because it arrived in good condition, the heating module was carefully wrapped and it worked as prescribed. It is not a toy or drug store heating pad; it is a quality product that is well worth the money it cost.

  19. SD

    I purchased this for my boyfriend who has chronic Lyme Disease because it is believed that borrelia cannot survive in temperatures 105 or above and this is one of the few mats on the market that reach higher temperatures, plus I’d read quite a bit on the benefits of jade. He has had Lyme Disease for over 6 years and has tried tons of different heating pads over the years and none of them have helped. This is the ONLY heating pad / mat that takes his pain away! I definitely recommend this to anyone who suffers from Lyme disease or any kind of back pain!

    He is 5’10” and 200lbs and the mat is large enough for his entire back.

  20. Alice

    I love this infrared heating pad. Works great and has been a lifesaver for me. Relieves my pain. I highly recommend it. It’s worth the money hands down.

  21. DPS

    Love it. Love it. Love it. We have worn out other brands of far-infrared heading pads, but this one is very well-made – better stitching, heavier duty electronics and wiring – so I believe it will last longer. We plan to get another one – it’s hard to share something that no one wants to give up. One cautionary note we have learned about far infrared: If you are using it on leather, or especially faux leather furniture, always use a towel or blanket between the heating pad and the furniture. We “cooked” a recliner with the penetrating heat and had to replace the chair.

  22. Marnee

    Rec’d this item very quickly. Used it the same night and was amazed at how well it worked. Pain that I’ve had for years is gone. Could have knocked me over with a feather. I got the medium size which completely covers my back from my neck to my lower back. I’m 5’3″. I might have been able to use the smaller one just as well. I’m going to try the neck and shoulder pad next. I think I need the specialized fit to get all around the neck area. Think this is a great product and would recommend it.

  23. Lionslayer41

    Had a competitor product for 5 years before the flimsy control pad finally stopped working. The UTK pad is better constructed – feels firmer but comfortable.. I love the extra edging around all 4 sides making the pad easier to handle and to position, especially on my back. The control pad is well designed and had On/Off, Time setting, heat setting by degrees and heating adjustment. The control pad connection to the pad is well constructed and I do not expect to see any “wear and tear” in that area.The only slight change I would like to see is that the time setting would also be a timer that you could see the remaining time on the treatment session. This UTK is also about 25% less expensive that the previous pad from a competitor. I use this pad daily and so does my wife. I highly recommend this pad to anyone who need one.

  24. Hunter Dude

    Pleasantly surprised with this product. Really didn’t anticipate that it would fit perfectly on the back of my recliner. I use it almost every evening.

  25. Lady Bug

    I love everything about this. I have chronic back and especially neck pain so I use this every day and most nights and it has bettered my life quality. I love all the setting options, the Jade stones are a safe alternative to cheap plastic heat pads and the look is nice too. I’m glad I got the large, well worth the money!

  26. Helen

    I really do love this mat. I own another from another manufacturer, which cost alot more. This one is warmer and has much better controls than my other unit. Service was very timely.

  27. S.B-well

    Top Quality Customer Service and a Great Product! I have used the medium size mat almost every night since receiving about 5 months ago. So needless, to say I was quite dismayed when the controller began malfunctioning. I emailed UTK through Amazon and they responded very quickly and promptly replaced the controller with a new one! I am very pleased with this customer service and highly recommend this product.
    It heats up quick enough, stays at the proper temperature and can be set for a total of 4 hours – perfect.

  28. Bonnie J Prange

    It works great; would recommend it to anyone.

  29. Joe Gillette

    This is an excellent pad. I found I wanted it in a larger size, but found the next price up a bit too expensive, so I tried another brand. Unfortunately it was much too uncomfortable. Looks like I’ll need to take the next step up for the large one if this brand. While it doesn’t take the pain away fully, I do feel better after using it, and find it a joy to use.

  30. Lisabeth Wotherspoon

    Best on market. Is wonderful to use at work where I spend most of my time sitting. Before this mat, I could only sit for 1.5 hours. Now I can sit for 3 hours. Highly recommend this product. And customer service was a pleasure to deal with.

  31. genevie gagarin

    Amazing, which I would have order the full body mat!

  32. Nancy B.

    My husband loves his new Infrared Heat Therapy mat. He uses it every day while he is sitting in his recliner.

  33. AC

    these heating pads beat the crap out of regular heating pads. Neurosurgeons wanted to fuse the lower half of my back but I won’t let them. I’ve been relying on heat and ice packs and pain pills for the last few years. every morning I would wake up, take a couple of pain pills then lay on a heating pad until the pain pills kicked in. the 1st night that I used to new pad I set the timer at 2 hours and went to sleep. when I woke up the next morning I wasn’t hurting like usual so I only took 1 pain pill. I didn’t need another pain pill until late afternoon.

  34. Judi Lane

    Great for fibromyalgia back pain. My evening go-to for pain relief. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 25 years ago and this heating pad is the most effective product I use for the tight muscles in the “coat hanger” region of my upper back. I’ve owned one other brand for two years before it slowly died and refused to warm up. The quality of the UTK pad is superior to the previous pad, with an easier to use control that locks into the pad’s connector and doesn’t come loose or fall out during use. The price does smart a bit. But trust me, it’s worth every penny for the deep tissue warmth it delivers.

  35. jufdymorton

    Over a year of use and it is still running strong. The deep heat is amazing and the pad easily conforms to the are it is used. Personally I lay on it but occasionally use it on my legs.

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