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UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad – Natural Jade Heat Pad for Back Pain – Small (19″ X 15″), CE Certification Smart Controller, 6 Temp Setting,240 mins Auto-shut,Memory Function

$ 149.00
17 customer reviews
【FAR INFRARED THERAPY FOR PAIN RELIEF】:Built in carbon fiber,emit far infrared rays while heated. Far infrared is able to reach the inner-most regions of tissues and muscles of human body, healing sore muscles and joints by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation.
【60 NATURAL JADE STONE HEATING PAD】 Natural Jade Stones heat pad generate Negative Ions better more than “regular” heating pads, the Ions promote oxygenation to the brain and gently soothe all the body.
【6 LEVELS TEMPERATURE SETTINGS AND 4-HOUR AUTO SHUT-OFF】 Smart digital controller adjusts heat (39°C-70°C ) to your comfort level.Conserves energy and prevents burns caused by excessive heating
【MEMORY FUNTION】UTK Heating Pad has one smart controller which features Timer and Temperature settings, Auto shut-off, Memory Function.
【3 YEAR WARRANTY】 UTK are always providing the best service. Any performance failure occurs within 3 year caused by non-human damage, you can get our after-service for free.
Boxmail: Support@UTKTechnology.com



1.FLEXIBLE CAN WRAP AROUND A BODY PART & SIT & LIE ON: back & lower back & shoulders & waist & hip & legs & arms & knees & feet .
2. MORE EFFECTIVE & SAFE & LONGER-LASTING & DEEPER PENETRATING THERAPEUTIC HEAT than conventional heating pads: features natural jade, far-infrared heat, negative ions.
3.MORE SOLID CONSTRUCTION, SECURE AND STURDY: the controller, the cable, the pad and connections.

4.EASY TO OPERATE SMART DIGITAL CONTROLLER: with Timer and Temperature settings, Auto shut-off , and Memory Function.

1. Dimensions: 15 inches x 19 inches; and approximately 1/2 inches thick.
2. 60 Individual Natural Jade Stones for maximum heat transfer and penetration Held securely held in place on a 1 1/2 inches; spacing layout
3. Actual jade stone area is approx. 9 inches by 15 inches; (but pad extends from edge to edge)
4. Power Cord:10 foot.
5. Wattage: 66 watts
6. Standard Voltage:AC 110-120 Volts or AC 220-240 Volts
7. Actual Pad Weight: 2.3 lbs(1.05 kg)
8. Shipping Weight: 4.4 lbs (2 kg)
9. Box dimension: 16*6.7*5 inch (40.5*17*13 CM


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CustomerReviews (17)

17 reviews for UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad – Natural Jade Heat Pad for Back Pain – Small (19″ X 15″), CE Certification Smart Controller, 6 Temp Setting,240 mins Auto-shut,Memory Function

  1. Ssnwngt

    Love this! Bought this for my older dog! He loves the warmth of this mat. I cover it with a towel and it helps him feel better.

  2. Gail

    Excellent product…….love this it is therapy indeed.

  3. Timothy J. Schneider

    After 1 1/2 months I am happy with this pad. At times it seems not to get as hot as other times but that could be my body. I bought this to kill cancer in my lip and have been using for other situations too. (Yes I know no such thing kills cancer.😗) use this with another one of same size; one above and one below.

  4. Mark M.

    I love this heating pad, so much better quality than the $35 ones, plus its big enough to cover my sciatic area and you can adjust via an actual temperature value instead of just low medium and high. Highly recommend this heating pad, plus the cord and remote dont get red hot like some other heating pads do.

  5. Janet

    This product works very well, although it would be nice if the custom electrical plug that connects to the pad didn’t intrude on the pad’s space so much.

  6. Nancy Anderson

    Worked great but shorted out my living room

  7. bigdog

    I would give this 5 stars, but my only issue is the design of the plug port on the pad…hits you in your back…I did find if you turn the pad diagonally it helps. Very high quality pad…I love it!

  8. Gee BeeM

    I love that you can control the heat and has a timer. The small one is fine to use on the back. Love it.

  9. Marsha Noel

    Perfect size heating pad. Wonderful gentle heat. Lovely radiant heat. Perfect for sleeping and sore muscles. A+++++

  10. Pvt.

    I like it…it seems to do a very good job for me. It’s unique to experience the new technology on items such as this one…

  11. Theresa

    Feels great, does relax muscles. Happy Back!

  12. genie lalonde

    A much deeper heat and really relaxes the muscles. It seemed a little pricey, but I think it was worth the cost.

  13. Rita Bellino

    This is a great treatment for sore muscles!

  14. Torchy

    very helpful for joint pain. I am relieved that I bought this

  15. Jane

    It’s perfect for me , because I am suffering from chronic pains !

  16. Kate

    Love it, works great!!!

  17. wendy

    Amazing. You can feel the deep tissue relaxation. I love this heating pad. It does wonders for my lower back pain. Reminds me what it’s like to sleep like a baby.

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